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China Guangzhou Quan Zheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
About Us
Guangzhou Quan Zheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
Quanzheng Co., Ltd. is a condenser manufacturer, located in Guangzhou, China, with R&D and manufacturing capabilities.Quanzheng has advanced production equipment such as fully automatic brazing furnace and specializes in Parallel-flow Type condenser. We are well versed in the production process of all kinds of Parallel-flow Type condensers and have dozens of inventions and national patents. We have been certified as a high-tech enterprise in China for many consecutive years. Quanzheng has passed ...
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Guangzhou Quan Zheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

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Lastest company news about Reasons to replace the condenser in your air conditioner
Reasons to replace the condenser in your air conditioner


Is the air conditioning on in your automobile, but the temperature stays high? If so, the air conditioner might be having trouble. On a 1996 Mazda pickup truck, the system wasn't operating correctly. In the end, a new air conditioning condenser was installed. One part of an automobile's air conditioning system, the condenser, is in charge of converting refrigerant from a gas to a liquid. They can block up or leak.   Upkeep for condensers and other potential issues Debris, insects, and leaves can assemble in the condenser over time. Therefore, it makes sense to clean it frequently. To accomplish this, remove any debris with a shop vacuum and then apply air conditioner cleaner to the area. Remember to rinse the cleaner off afterwards. It's crucial to clean this component carefully. Incorrect execution or an impact could cause the fins to bend and obstruct airflow. One of the most typical AC issues is a constricting condenser. There's a chance that the car has low refrigerant or that there are problems with the Electronic Climate Control System. A malfunctioning expansion valve and user error are also potential causes; after all, mistakes are made by everyone.   Reasons to replace the condenser in your air conditioner The technician discovered oil and refrigerant leaks when replacing the condenser on the Mazda pickup vehicle. Underneath the car, there may accumulate oil if the leak gets bad enough. The air conditioning system may stop functioning if a faulty condenser is not replaced. This occurs because the compressor, which contains a pressure sensor, isn't receiving the proper amount of refrigerant.   Additional services for air conditioning Our company is a professional condenser manufacturer.The company's business consists of the following segments: 1. Automotive condensers: there are more than 2,000 models of new energy vehicles, fuel vehicles, heavy trucks, mini-vehicles, etc. The quality of the products is excellent, and they serve for domestic aerospace and automobile enterprises and are exported to more than 70 countries and regions in the world, such as Germany, the U.S.A., and Japan. 2. Energy storage and industrial condensers: Current product specifications include conventional parallel-flow condensers, double-layer condensers, and giant condensers up to two meters in length, and we have experience in designing and mass-producing heat dissipation solutions for energy storage. 3. The company's condensers are now used in superchargers, engine rooms, energy storage battery packs, coffee and ice shaving machines, heavy machinery, electronics, home air conditioners and more. Speak with an automotive expert if you observe that it isn't operating as it should. You can stay cool this summer and solve the issue early on that method.
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Latest company case about Understanding the Role and Function of Car Condensers in Vehicle Air Conditioning Systems
Understanding the Role and Function of Car Condensers in Vehicle Air Conditioning Systems


A car condenser is a vital component of a vehicle's air conditioning system. It plays a crucial role in the cooling and condensing of the refrigerant, which is responsible for generating cool air inside the vehicle's cabin. Here is some general information about car condensers and their function: Purpose: The primary function of a car condenser is to release heat from the refrigerant. The condenser receives high-pressure, high-temperature refrigerant vapor from the compressor, and its main task is to transform that vapor into a high-pressure liquid by dissipating heat. Location: Car condensers are typically located in the front of the vehicle, near the radiator. They are designed to take advantage of the airflow created by the vehicle's forward motion and the operation of the cooling fan. Construction: Car condensers are typically made of a series of thin, flattened tubes with fins attached to them. These tubes and fins increase the surface area available for heat transfer. The refrigerant flows through the tubes, while the airflow from the vehicle's motion or cooling fan passes over the fins, facilitating heat exchange. Heat Dissipation: As the high-temperature refrigerant vapor flows through the condenser tubes, heat is transferred to the surrounding air. This causes the refrigerant to condense and transform into a high-pressure liquid state. The heat is dissipated into the atmosphere, allowing the refrigerant to cool down and prepare for the next stage of the air conditioning process. Cooling System Integration: The car condenser is connected to the rest of the vehicle's cooling system. It works in conjunction with other components, such as the compressor, evaporator, receiver-drier, and expansion valve, to ensure the proper circulation and cooling of the refrigerant. System Efficiency: The efficiency of the car condenser is crucial for the overall performance of the vehicle's air conditioning system. A well-functioning condenser allows for effective heat dissipation, which results in better cooling performance and improved energy efficiency. It's important to note that car condensers require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. Dust, debris, and damage can affect their efficiency. If a condenser becomes clogged or damaged, it may lead to reduced cooling capacity or even system failure. If you suspect any issues with your car's air conditioning system or condenser, it is recommended to consult a qualified automotive technician or service center for a proper inspection and necessary repairs.
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Guangzhou Quan Zheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
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